Igor (Bolado)

Hey there, I'm Igor, although online I usually go by Bolado.

I'm a software engineer who's into Golang and custom keyboards. I've been doing this software thing since 2015, always improving my skills and creating solutions that push my capabilities forward.

Around 2018, my focus turned to creating personalized software solutions for specific clients, ensuring smooth functionality from the backend all the way to the user's fingertips.


An mobile automation suite, composed with multiple modules with a subscription payment model.

Role: Founder, Developer.

Currently in develpment.


Application that allows users to automate tasks related to Spotify desktop app and web player, released as a one-time payment model.

Role: Founder, Developer.

Released in 2020.


NFT collection of 10,000 units, released on the Cardado blockchain and sold out in 31 hours. Arts, website, and minting code made by me.

Role: Founder, developer, artist.

Released in 2022.

Bachelor of Information Systems

Bachelor course focused in creation, development and management of projects, programming skills, with also networking and security topics.

University Nove de Julho, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017-2020.

Technical in Information Technology

Course curriculum centered on IT infrastructure maintenance, support, and introductory programming skills.

Technical School of the State of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, 2015-2017.

Programming Languages